Sr. Software Engineer

Duties And Responsibilities
  • Manage Software R&D projects with VC++6.0, .Net, C, C++ on MS Windows and/or Linux platform.
  • Perform Software Design, Review, Coding and Implementation, and create relative documents.
  • Software R&D projects 40%
  • Security System Integration 20%
  • Documentation 20%
  • New technology development 20%
  • Major in Computer, Electronics or related.
  • More than 6 years experiences in software development.
  • Familiar with VC++, net on MS Windows, experience in C, C++ on Linux will be preferred.
  • Experience in managing software project.
  • Knowledge of database development (MS SQL Server, Access, etc).
  • Knowledge of network development (TCP, HTTP, XML, SOAP, SNMP, etc).
  • Experience in Security System or System Integration is an advantage.
Job located in Shanghai. Please e-mail resumes to

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