Remote Access to Real-time Gas, Radiation, and Biometric Data Enhances First Responder Safety and Reduces Incident Response Times

The RAE Systems Wireless Safety System enables remote access to real-time gas, radiation, and biometric data to enhance first responder safety and reduce incident response times.

The system can be used as a disaster mitigation and life protection solution in a broad range of applications including HazMat response, CBRN detection, fire service, police, EMS, and others. The wireless delivery of real-time data on toxic gases combined with the physiological status of first responders provides real-time information that incident commanders can utilize to make decisions faster. With this new wireless safety system, emergency responders and government organizations are now able to protect communities while providing unsurpassed responder safety and complying with regulations for the handling of situations involving hazardous materials.

ProRAE Guardian Real-time Wireless Safety System Combines Time-critical Toxic Gas Data, with GPS and Physiological Status of First Responders

The ProRAE Guardian real-time Wireless Safety 'System offers a rapidly deployable, reliable network of wireless sensors including the company's portable single-gas ToxiRAE Pro monitors, multi-threat MultiRAE detectors, GammaRAE II R radiation detectors, transportable AreaRAE multi-gas and radiation instruments, BioHarness biometric device, and approved third-party instruments. Collectively the system provides a "mobile command center" for incident commanders to remotely monitor: toxic industrial chemicals, flammable gases, chemical warfare agents, radiation, meteorological conditions, GPS-based location information, and the physiological condition of responders.

ProRAE Guardian instantly displays "hot zone" sensor readings, alarm status, GPS-based location, meteorological information, and physiological data on first responders - all integrated into a real-time single-map display. This data is enriched by PlumeRAE plume modeling and HazRAE hazardous material decision-support software for "faster, data-driven decision-making.

The system enables real-time threat data to be securely shared with geographically dispersed fellow responder teams and external experts anywhere in the world allowing teams to coordinate joint operations while simultaneously viewing the same situational data, all in real-time.

MultiRAE and ToxiRAE Pro family wireless monitors connect to ProRAE Guardian via the RAELink3 Mesh and RAELink3 Z1 Mesh (Europe only) modems that can wirelessly transmit data to the command center up to 2 miles (3.2 km) away.

Real-Time Information Critical for Emergency Responders

When disaster strikes, incident commanders and emergency responders are tasked with making critical, split second decisions about how and where to deploy limited resources.

ProRAE Guardian real-time Wireless Safety System allows incident commanders to quickly setup and establish a 'mobile command center' and immediately evaluate the situation and better protect responders and the public. The system includes built-in cascading feature that displays real-time gas and radiation readings from more than 500 remote sensors, alarm status, responder location and biometric information from multiple teams on the same screen. The continuous transmission of real-time sensor data and alarms to the command center allows incident commanders to focus on their job by eliminating the need to report readings. The data can then be instantaneously shared and accessed securely through the Internet from virtually any location.

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